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July 19, 2019 / By sprayfk_admin

Why use closed cell spray foam insulation?

Instead of resorting to traditional insulation, such as bead, fibreglass and wool, spray foam can be a great way to cut down on energy costs. It offers a higher level of insulation compared to traditional insulation because once sprayed it expands and hardens. This makes your home warmer, costing you a lot less than traditional insulation would.

Closed cell spray foam is also less likely to allow water to be absorbed into your household. The closed cell works by trapping the air inside the foam, which increases density of the foam. It cuts down on humidity in your home, as well as decreasing the likelihood of damp appearing on your walls. While it is slightly more expensive than open cell spray foam, it means you won’t have to purchase a dehumidifier or air conditioner as the spray foam automatically makes your house less stuffy.

Why is spray foam insulation becoming so popular?

Closed cell spray foam is becoming increasingly popular in Canada, due to its cost-efficient way of cutting down on utility bill costs. The trapping of heat and moisture means your home can be cool all year round, even when its boiling outside. Closed cell spray foam holds more moisture when its hot, due to damp in the air increasing with heat. By contrast, during cold Winters spray foam will maintain warmth indoors, as it won’t allow cool air to enter the walls. So a win-win situation whatever the weather.

Closed cell spray foam can also be used for all types of buildings, due to its versatility. It is strong but compact, and able to be applied to domestic properties, as well as office spaces or warehouses. This makes it an excellent option to be used for insulation in the work place, so that your place of work is as comfortable to be in as your place of residence.

If you are living in an area prone to flooding, closed cell spray foam prevents water from seeping into the building. This saves money if your home is prone to damage from excessive water immersion. Additionally, because of its expansion, spray foam can fit large surface areas, as well as small ones. It can be used for smaller cracks and gaps in your home, as well as massive walls.