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July 19, 2019 / By sprayfk_admin

Cost Per Square Foot Of Spray Foam In Toronto

Comfort and efficiency in your home,  foam insulation can keep you snug all year round while reducing your energy costs in the greater Toronto area. We have a team of technical experts to support your business needs with marketing, sales support, training, and project estimating. At Spray Foam Kings we distribute quality products, deliver on time and promise to be a reliable partner in the   industry. Just tell us the product you want and we’ll tell you the spray foam insulation cost per square foot.

These insulation products form a better seal in your attic, walls, and basement, increasing the efficiency of your heating and cooling systems by preventing any leakage. Air leaks and poor insulation can cause your home to lose an amazing amount of hot or cold air. Energy loss can occur through walls, roofs, doors, windows and floors. Poor insulation can increase energy costs, adds to your home’s carbon footprint and reduces the efficiency of heating, ventilation and air conditioning. This type of insulation is the most effective insulation type to reduce heat transfer. There are a variety of different services offered in this industry and it is hard to just estimate a price without knowing the actual job size best casino sites.

It also saves energy and lowers electric cost as well as  increases comfort. If it saves you energy, it is not only helping to keep the environment clean but also helping to keep money in your pocket. This new foam technology is 50% more efficient than other brands! The more efficient, the more energy is saved. It keeps out the drafts and makes living in your home more enjoyable for you and your family. It also keeps out allergens (such as dust) and pollutants out of your home. It also acts as a sound reducer from outside noise.


One other benefit is that it also adds strength to your home. It is permanent and maintains its structural integrity. Spray Injection Foam is a premier way to insulate an existing wall. With our injection system, we are able to increase the insulation value of an existing wall even when there is insulation already present. Whether the wall is concrete, wood/drywall, we can insulate them all. Spray foam is great for cracks and crevices that can’t be sealed with traditional insulation. The foam can seal all spaces inside your structure, eliminating drafts. It doesn’t absorb water, either – so you don’t have to worry about mold.

Most insulation experts would agree that it is by far  the best-performing, and most energy-efficient insulation available. While its upfront cost is more than other insulation options, the foam quickly pays for itself by drastically reducing energy bill costs. Call us and we will give you the and estimate on the spray foam insulation cost per square foot in Toronto Ontario and the GTA for the specific requirements you are looking for. Also check our video below to see us at work and what we can offer.

There are a couple factors that may affect the actual price per square foot. For example which type do you need to use? Open cell or closed cell? Open cell foams are typically cheaper than closed cell and they perform just as well in terms of air sealing and comfort. Open cell will run you from $0.50-$0.75 per board foot.

A board foot is 12×12 inches and 1 in thick. Say the wall you are trying to insulate is 50 feet long and

10 feet high. Your area is 500 sq ft, so if you need 5 inches of foam to reach the  insulation levels you’re trying to achieve, the board footage of the wall is 2500 board feet. So at $0.50 per board foot, this job would cost you approximately $1250.00. Of course you can calculate closed cell using this same method.

Another example of the cost of spray foam insulation, would be if you are looking to have your walls sprayed and they are the older 2×4 or 2×6(newer). Seeing that most walls or joist areas goal is an R-value of 20, it would make it easier to give a more accurate quote. When working with a 2×4 wall, 3.5 inches is what is the norm, which means 2lb of closed cell foam is what most companies would recommend at 3 inches which would achieve an R-value of R18.