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April 23, 2021 / By sprayfk_admin

Spray fireproofing is the latest innovative technology to make your living and workspace safer. It is considered the most successful safety measure for protecting a place in case of accidental fires.

One significant thing to take notice of is that just because something is fireproofed does not mean that it will stay unaffected with fire forever. Nothing is entirely immune to fire, but spray fireproofing in Toronto has been recorded to serve the most reliable outcomes. 

Spray fireproofing provides you a better opportunity to survive in fire accidents and keep your things protected. Thus, it can be used on any surface, including steel. It keeps the temperature of steel below 540 degrees and electrical signals below 140 degrees.

Fireproofing is vital to any building, whether it is residential or commercial. Fireproof ratings usually come in hourly ratings, somewhere between 1-4 hours. It means that the fireproofing material must protect the building materials for the given hour rating to allow the firemen enough time to rescue people and control fire.

The hourly rating depends on the building’s height, use of the building, and how close the building is to other facilities. 

Fireproofing is commonly found on columns, structural steel framing, beams, and floor decking. Remember that steel framing can lose over half its strength once it reaches 1,000 degrees. So, if there is a fire, think about all the building’s weight above pushing down on the steel frame when it loses strength.

To prevent such horrifying accidents, the Sprayfoam Kings provides quality fireproofing in Toronto to fireproof your house and commercial building efficiently. We offer the optimum grade spray foam insulation services and 24×7 ready to serve you. 

Specialties of spray fireproofing

Steel is considered one of the most challenging surfaces to fireproof, but spray fireproofing is an excellent solution. The required thickness of material can be directly applied on the surface through the spray and make the steel surface highly adaptable to extreme heat.

Spray fireproofing is generally available in two forms- wet spray and dry spray. It is usually delivered in the dry powder form and then mixed with water to make the appropriate consistency.

This technique is most suitable for rigid structures such as beams, metal decking, columns, steel joists, and many more. One important point to note is that fireproofing does not work for humid and damp environments because the moisture can cause mold, which can worsen fireproofing material properties. 

Our; spray fireproofing contractors can inspect whether there is any dampness or leakage in the space. They are likely to advise you to get it fixed first to reap the maximum benefits of spray fireproofing. 

Since spray fireproofing is foamy, it not only protects from fire but also serves thermal insulation. It can cut your utility bills up to 50 percent.

Another benefit is it can be easily applied. It is small, simple to install, and auto bonds well with the surface. Furthermore, it is weather-resistant and non-halogenated. It also gets dry quickly and delivers lifelong protection.

Now, if you are considering spray fireproofing treatment for your space, it’s best to hire experts to get the work done efficiently in less time. We are one of the top-rated spray fireproofing contractors in Brampton and more than happy to serve you 24X7. We take all safety measures during our service and ensure to provide you outcomes that value your money.

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Accidents come unannounced; they happen suddenly. So, it is better to be prepared in advance to minimize the damage caused by them. Accidental fire is one of the most common tragedies that take place in both residential and commercial properties. Therefore, people usually rely on fireproofing in Toronto to protect their valuable possessions. 

Fireproofing is a necessary safety measure that should not be neglected. Fireproofing cannot stop the fire, but it can indeed delay it and give you the time to extinguish it before it harms you or your family.

Hence, investing money in spray fireproofing is never a wrong decision because you will experience its advantages and appreciate yourself for installing it sooner or later.