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July 19, 2019 / By sprayfk_admin

Winterizing your cottage with spray foam insulation

Classic cottages in Ontario are rarely properly insulated and have little if any. Generally the climate allows for this as most cottage goers enjoy the cottage during the summer months where insulation isn’t necessary, as the warmer weather doesn’t create moisture inside and the structure keeps a dry atmosphere. The problem is that some people opt to enjoy their cottage during the winter months as well, and create a winter getaway. To achieve this, there is no way around it, the cottage has to be insulated. Just like your home in the city, insulating the cottage will create a comfortable indoor environment from season to season, and it will manage the moisture.


To properly winterize the cottage, it will take a methodical approach that entails insulating and sealing, this is the only way to optimize efficiency and comfort in the structure. After insulating, plumbing pipes will not freeze and burst, doors and windows not need shuttering during the winter, and appliances will be usable throughout the year. This will make your cottage fully ready throughout the year.

The majority of cottages have air leakage problems and they usually leak through the roof cavity and exterior walls. Generally speaking most walls and roofs are neither properly insulated or sealed from drafts. If professionals are brought to task, they will almost always recommend a proper seal be done first. This will allow for the proper control of air vapour/moisture accumulation and air movement. After the seal follows with a high grade insulating product the will bring the R-value where it should be for the climactic character in the region the cottage is located .


Your cottage can be in various degrees of conditions, however there usually is a required removal of insulation that is there. They are probably underperforming materials and in many situations actually deteriorating. Outdated insulation is often a liability to airflow and hinders proper air circulation. The best route to take of course is to re-insulate from scratch, especially a roof cavity. This will allow for the best air sealing an proper installation of a new insulating material. Additionally, any repairs that were once a big job are now easily accessible as you will be exposing wires and plumbing and generally the bare bones of the structure. Old insulation has to be done right from the get go, doing it through and expert will ensure a proper, safe and clean job while creating a proper installation of the new material that will bring years of comfort to the space.


When done correct, attic insulation can significantly reduce the cost of heating in the winter months while creating an ideal indoor temperature and atmosphere. No matter the season, attic insulation will create an indoor atmosphere that will balance both air moisture and temperature leaving the space more comfortable. A properly sealed attic is crucial to avoid any air leakage. Properly sealed, a space will use far less energy and ultimately reduce bills and save you money. Generally this will slash the winter bills , however this can also have positive effects during the summer months as well as it will help with air conditioning. The high quality insulation that will be installed will offer the proper thermal protection for harsh winter environments, as well as air circulation optimization.


A cottages unique needs can be met with spray foam insulation, as it is an ideal air sealer and insulator. It is the best insulating material is it is the king of getting into all nooks and crannies to avoid any major air leakage, effectively sealing roofs, walls and everything in between that would allow for air flow. It can also present solutions for weatherproofing windows and doors where air leakage poses a significant problem. Most professionals will admit that spray foam is a far more advantageous product on the market when it comes to insulation. If expertly installed you can benefit several ways: moisture control; air leakage will be stopped; R-value can be achieved far better than any other product out there. Spray foam is the ultimate solution for winterizing a cottage, as it will outperform all other materials, as well it is maintenance free an won’t ever need replacing in your lifetime