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July 19, 2019 / By sprayfk_admin

Spray Foam Insulation Mold Free


Mold infiltration in any home or building can cause some serious health problems. From something as mild symptoms of coughing and sneezing all the way to serious health issues such as lung disease and damage. Aside from the health risks in involved for whoever lives in the contaminated home, removal and remedy of mold is costly and a stressful matter. And if that weren’t enough, mold can often work under the radar and spread without being identified.

There is a dynamic interaction of cool air and warm air that goes on inside of a home. This interaction often results in unwanted moisture collecting in places like the basement and attic. Moisture is what mold breeds and thrives on and the building materials provide the mold with nutrition for it to grow. Prevention is always the better way to avoid a mold infiltration.

Air leakage is something that most residential home suffer from. It allows for cool air and warm air to mix and creates moisture. Preventing from this happening means that you’d have to create an airtight seal throughout the house, from the basement all the way to the attic. By completely sealing the home, it prevents from moisture accumulating by not allowing warm and cool air masses to mix. In turn, this deprives mold of it’s ideal living environment to grow and spread.

Polyurethane spray foam insulation, is the only product that has these complete sealing capabilities. Once installed, every nook and crevice is completely sealed. Attics benefit the most from spray foam as it is the most effective in creating the homes thermal envelope, attics  are also the most critical in counteracting moisture development.

Spray foam unlike metal or wood, does not rot, rust or deteriorate, and for this reason it doesn’t attract mold. A properly spray foamed area will never become an environment hospitable to any colonies of mold from forming. Spray foam insulation is ideal for spaces such as the basement, garages and attics as an insulation, as well as not having to worry about future mold infiltrations.

By being a superior sealing agent, the work in avoiding mold doesn’t end there. Proper ventilation will assure that there is ample air circulation averting moisture accumulation, especially in attics.  This includes roof vents; exhaust fans and soffit vents. The idea is to create an airtight seal and bring in a well balanced circulation system.

The advantages of spray foam insulation is not only a superior insulator, as it is vapour barrier that controls indoor humidity which controls the moisture and prevents mold from growing and spreading. It alleviates the burden in the winter and summer months on the HVAC system which in turn saves a lot of money. And last but not least there is no need to ever worry about health hazardous mold from growing and thriving in your home.

Spray foam insulation has become a preferred option when it comes to insulating homes across North America, as it’s benefits reach farther than insulating properties alone. Many mole-consulting firms are noticing that when a building or home has had spray foam insulation installed, the area where it was sprayed remains unaffected by mold, especially in high risk areas such as attics and basements. After all this analysis, it’s clear that spray foam insulation is the superior cutting edge material that should be used in any new building construction.

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