What To Do Before Insulation Installation

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September 19, 2022 / By sprayfk_admin

Insulation is one of the most cost-effective ways to make your home more comfortable and energy efficient. Adding new insulation to your home is an undertaking that can be achieved throughout the year. Installing insulations should be handed over to the professional because they know the ins and outs of spraying insulations. Holding years of experience, a professional can do the installation process hassle-free.

Your attic is designed not only to store some of your personal belongings but also to provide your home with a protective barrier against heat, cold, and moisture. Your attic needs proper insulation to work properly. If you have not insulated your home attic yet or have not done for years. There is a good chance that your home’s efficiency, comfort, and safety are being compromised. But before installing spray foam in Toronto, you must first prepare your attic.

Prepare Your Attic Before Installing Insulation

1. Ensure there is a clear pathway to the Attic

The first thing as a homeowner, you should make sure that there is sufficient access to the attic. The doorway must be clear outside and inside. Also, take care that there is nothing on the floor that could cause you to trip.

2. Clean up your attic

If you are using attic space for storage, you should remove all commodities from that space before the arrival of the insulations contractor. The contractor will need to reach walls, floors, and other areas, and if the attic is full of items you are storing, they may not be able to reach the areas they need.

3. Ventilate your Attic

You should check your attic ventilation; if it is not ventilated, then it will result in problems like mold, mildew, structural issues, etc. A working soffit will allow fresh air to be drawn into the attic to help with ventilation.

4. Search for and block air leaks

When it comes to the insulation of your attic, it becomes essential for you to check for any air leaks in your attic. You are concerned about air leaks, even if you use the highest quality.

5. Box out your light fixtures

To avoid fire hazards, keep a gap of at least 3-5 inches between the insulating material and the light fixtures. You can do this by scrap plywood, hardware cloth, or metal flashing.

The Final Thought

Make sure to search for spray foam insulation near me on Google to get in contact with Spray Foam Kings. Our professional team has covered all of your home insulations needs. Whether it is basement insulations or attic insulation, give us a call.